Creative Bus Stop Advertising

Here are some cool and funky creative bus station advertising that I came across.

The bus stop is converted into a oven with fresh hamburgers getting baked behind you as you wait for the bus. The over timer actual shows you the time. Feeling like having a hot snack?

Cool and Creative Bus Stop Ads

This is a direct adaptation of the movie UP, with the balloons taking you up in the air.

Cool and Creative Bus Stop Ads

Here’s a cool case of stash, only if you break the super strong and thick 3M glass.

Cool and Creative Bus Stop Ads

This bus stop is empty, or is it? Find out.

Cool and Creative Bus Stop Ads

Bangkok Airport Transit System

Currently there are two airports in Bangkok, the famous Suvarnabhumi Airport and the Don Mueang Airport. Suvarnabhumi is the sixth busiest airport in Asia, and services close to 96 airlines.

The Airport Rail Link (ARL) was opened in Aug, 2010 covering over 28.6 Kms. This connects to the heart of the city with two interchange at Phaya thai (Green Line) and Makkasan (Blue Line). The non-stop express line runs between the Airport and Makkasan at 160 km/hour. A check-in facility is offered for Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways customers right at the Makkasan station. Check with the respective airlines for the current procedures. This airport link operates daily from 6 am to 12 midnight and is located right under the main terminal building , two floors below the arrival hall.

Suvarnabhumi airport rail link station (Ref: Wikipedia)

Airport main terminal interiors (Ref: Wikipedia)

Airport inner courtyard (Ref: Wikipedia)

Singapore Changi Airport Transit

Welcome to Singapore’s Changi Airport, the 7th busiest airport in the world. This is one of the major hubs in Southeast Asia, serving over 100 airlines to over 60 countries globally.

The Changi Connect, offered by Changi Airport, offers passengers a easy and quick experience when transferring to and from the various budget airlines that are a part of this initiative. a special transit area is dedicated for the same and passengers don’t need to go through immigration. Also the checked-in luggage is automatically transferred between the flights as soon as you get your boarding pass. Though this service is chargeable and can be booked while booking the flight or at the arrival counter.

Changi Airport (Ref: Wikipedia)

While in transit you can also grab a hotel room at the Ambassador Transit Hotel located conveniently at all the terminals. Complete with all the luxuries like a fully equipped room, spa facilities, multi cuisine restaurants, and a roof top swimming pool. Also there are multiple cozy lounges like the Emirates Lounge, SATS Premier Lounge etc. which are affiliated with various airlines.

Changi Airport Terminal 2 (Ref: Wikipedia)

The airport is well connected with the heart of the city through the Changi Airport MRT Station, since Feb 2002. The other MRT lines cross over this link at multiple points, facilitating quick transfers between the lines.

Changi Airport MRT Station (Ref: Wikipedia)

The Changi Airport Skytrain operates between the various terminals inside of the airport, having a total of 7 stations. Buses by the SBS Transit and SMRT buses have terminals inside the airport.

The Dubai Metro System From The Middle East

The Dubai metro is a driverless, fully automated system of metro railways covering 74.6 Kms in the Middle East. This is one of the safest metros with a dedicated police force and upto 3000 CCTV’s. According to the RTA close to 367 Million passengers used the metro last year, RTA is urging people to use the metro to reduce the cars on the road. Currently there are the red and the green lines with three more planned in the near future. The red line connects places of interest namely the popular malls (Deira City Center, Mall of Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall), Burj Downtown, Dubai Marina etc.

The existing red and green lines, stretching all the way from the Dubai airport to Jebel Ali.

RTA’s master plan will cover 431 kms of metro line which will cater to 4.1 Million passengers, to be completed by 2030. This will be divided into the blue, purple, pink and gold lines. as given below


Inside Dubai metro – Gold Class

Dubai metro station

How To Use Transit From The Austin Airport to Downtown

If you are planning to travel to Austin, Texas in the near future, I’d like to share some tips on how you can save money on your trip from the Austin-Bergstrom airport to downtown Austin. You can certainly take a taxi or hire a car service but these options will cost at least $25 each way.

The bus and tram/rail service in Austin is managed by Capital Metro. There are a good number of buses that can help you get around the city although I typically recommend renting a car if you plan to do any sightseeing. If you are coming to Austin for a conference downtown at the Austin Convention Center, the bus is a perfect option.

The airport is served by the Capital Metro route 100 Airport Flyer bus. You can visit the Airport Flyer schedule page to find schedule info for daily along with Saturday and Sunday schedules. The schedule recently changed and the Airport Flyer bus now runs at a 45-minute headway.

The Airport Flyer takes about 20-minutes to get downtown and frankly takes the same amount of time as taking a taxi. The Airport Flyer costs $1 and the buses take dollar bills and coins.

The Airport Flyer bus can be found at the far right side of the passenger pickup area. If you exit any door after you pass through baggage claim, make a right and walk to the end and you will see signs for the Airport Flyer. Make sure you check the schedule page to view the map so you can make sure the bus stops near your hotel – most downtown hotels are very close to the bus stops.

If you are into public transport, you might also want to take a trip on the brand new MetroRail. While it only runs during weekdays, the trains are new, clean and speedy. Here are some photos of the downtown MetroRail station.

My hope is that they expand the MetroRail to the airport – this would increase ridership immediately and allow for a better case for expansion of the system around the city.

Check Out Times Square in the Subway from 1986 (video)

When I watched the video below for the first time yesterday, I got chills. It’s one of the most awesome transit videos I have ever seen. The person who shot the video put together a bunch of clips from the various Times Square subway stations. The video is from 1986! It is absolutely amazing to see how far the NYC MTA subway system has come in the last 25 years. In 1986 there was no air conditioning on most of the trains and the cars were full of vandalism in the form of graffiti. Some of my favorite types of NYC subway trains are included in this video in an almost new state! You can also see what it was like to use tokens — way before the Metrocard made its first appearance.

I know it’s cheesy but where are all of those people in the video today? What have they been doing since 1986? The man in the white shirt carrying a couple of suitcases? What about the man in the tie carrying the briefcase? The woman in the white sport coat leaning against a pole carrying her pocketbook?

So take 10 minutes and watch this video and see what it was like to ride the subway in the mid-80s!
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London Tube Stations To Get Wi-Fi Before Olympics

Nearly a year ago I wrote about a deal that was supposed to bring Wi-Fi access to all 277 underground subway stations in the NYC subway system. This weekend, the London Underground Transport for London management group announced that they are soliciting companies for a RFP for wi-fi internet access at about 120 London tube stations. The plan is to have the stations wired up before the Olympics arrive in June 2012.

From the TFL, “A contract will be awarded to the chosen bidder by the end of 2011, which could mean that passengers will be able to log on to the internet from their laptops or mobile devices at stations before the 2012 Olympic¬†and Paralympic Games.”

“The first phase of wider wi-fi provision on the Tube would be to make available the service currently used by London Underground (LU) staff at 16 stations for passenger use, and then to work to expand this service to other Underground stations”

“Research from Charing Cross Tube station found that over half of LU passengers surveyed felt that access to wi-fi would make their experience of using the Tube better.” This is interesting, I wonder what the feedback will be like when people are talking on their phones to no end while waiting on a super hot tube platform in the summer.

Here’s the key statement from the announcement, “As well as improving journeys for passengers, wi-fi services are a potential future revenue source for LU. “

FlashMob Hits Sydney Central Train Station With Riverdancing

On St. Patrick’s Day at the Sydney Central Train Station, a flash mob gathered to create a huge line of the popular dance, Riverdance. The video summary explains the video below, “Awesome Irish Dancing including members of Riverdance and school children in spectacular Central Station Sydney. Over 100 dancers spread St Patricks Day cheer in Sydney.”

While this was clearly staged, it’s still pretty neat and a nice short break for train travelers. For me, the train station itself is beautiful and so clean!

A Simple Idea To Improve Bus Selection

I am a big fan of buses – I even suggested you try taking a bus as a tourist. Designers Chae-woo Park & Tae-eun Kim have come up with a cool bus modification that looks like it wouldn’t cost much to implement but could help bus riders make sure they get on the right bus. Frankly this modification could even speed up bus travel as passengers will know immediately where to move when a number of buses arrive at a stop at the same time.

When buses arrive together, it can be hard to tell which bus route each bus will take because the front signs are hidden by the bus in front. Park and Kim came up with a modification that adds a bus number indicator on a folding plate that appears when the bus opens its doors. The plate opens and sticks out at a 90 degree angle to the bus which displays the route number of the bus. I guess we could take the folding plate another step and color code based on location – for example, in NYC, each borough could have a different color. This way you can tell a Bronx express bus from a Brooklyn express bus.

Here’s a video of the bus number indicator in action and check out Yanko Design for more pictures.
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Fight on NYC Subway Over a Plate of Spaghetti (video)

Ok, here’s one you don’t see everyday…two women get into a fight on a subway train in NYC over, “eating etiquette”. The NY Daily News breaks down what you can see in the video below:

“The video clip begins with a woman chowing down on spaghetti while trading barbs with another woman sitting across from her on a subway car. The feud escalates a few minutes in when the middle-aged passenger asks the woman, “What kind of animals eat on the train?” The diner responds, “What kind of fat —- looks like you?”

After the two women battle it out for a few seconds, other passengers get in the middle including a man who apparently got scratched by a piece of al-dente pasta.

I don’t think you are allowed to eat on the subway although everyone does it. My only real question here is, “did the woman who was eating the pasta properly discard of the food carton and utensils?”
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