Berlin U-Bahn Train Simulator – Most Realistic Ever


I’ve been a BVE train simulator junkie for years. Sadly BVE does not work on the Microsoft Vista OS so my time driving the various routes has been non-existant the past few months. It’s certainly disappointing because there are so many passengers that are stuck on subway and train platforms just waiting for me to come pick them up and get them to their destinations!

Now I”ve learned that there is a new simulator coming soon named “World of Subways 2″ which looks freaking awesome. The trains are very realistic as is the movement and the stations. The example below is from the Berlin subway system and is so close to real, you can’t tell that you aren’t in Berlin! They even have real announcements on the subway along with flashing lights when the doors are closing. The trains look just like I remember them from my trip to Berlin.

Here’s an article discussing the U-Bahn-Simulator (it’s in German).

Here’s a sample of what the simulator will look like:

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